Faux mercury Glass Tutorial

The Medium and Small Round Vases that could

I did a tutorial on (diy) faux mercury in any color. Which was amazing who wouldn’t like a blue shinny elegant beauty. Well here is the original faux Mercury tutorial all silver all glam. If you only want to color your … Continue reading

The little Round Vase that took over my Online Shop

The Medium and Small Round Vases that could

The Medium and Small ROund Vases that could

First there was one. In the middle of my frenzy creating DIY mercury glass finish (wow that’s a mouthful). I ran out of glass things to finish so I ran to a  near by store and bought a delightful round vase to faux finish. It came out beautifully. I was staying with my friend at the time she loved it and I gave it to her. I loved it too so I made another and but it in my  online shop. It sold immediately  Ok I made three more they sold. I made 5 they sold. Hmmm so then be still my heart I came across another size  a cute smaller size. they sold well and now I have found a bigger size. Which my customers have been asking for. I had to order them online sight unseen but I can’t wait!!!!. I’m feeling this will be the ultimate wedding center piece.  Triple mega yeah!!!! till next time. -Melissa

Two Blue Round blue vases that could. Part of a perfect Wedding center piece

Two Blue Round blue vases that could

Giving Credit Where Paint is Due

Listing the paints I have used in my projects

I thought I would take the time to go through my paint projects and a list the specific paints I used. I adore paint! I look for it everywhere I go, when in Walmart I can’t wait to scoot down that paint isle to see what … Continue reading