Review of Modern Masters Metal Effects Kit

Review – Tutorial of Modern Masters Metal Effects Kit

I am very Lucky that I have been asked to review Modern Masters Metal Effects Kit. First let me tell you a story. This is actually a true story. I had this Cherub wall hanging I bought I always wanted to do something with. It hung out in my house for yearsunchanged and kidda creepy with its doll like eyes I’m surprised my son didn’t complain. I actually had it in my car to donate but I was determined to do

Modern Masters Metal Effects kit

The finished results, just gorgeous. Talk about Shabby Chic!

something with that Cherub. I always though it looked like an Antique Architectural detail that came out of a great house. I wanted it to look like a metal piece that hand been outside and reproduce a beautiful aged bronze patina with paint.

I could do that I am a painter, I have a degree and everything, really I do (I don’t think that maters here), but anyway.

Modern masters review painting effects kit

I look this picture as reference to recreate the look of a patinated bronze statue long before I heard of Modern Masters. They just appeared to make my life easier

So I grabbed that Cherub and some textured pictured frames and started my project. I had green paint, copper paint and a dark glaze. I was highly confident and had an epic fail, Nooooo. If pepto bismo was green that’s what I had, a flavor of neon green. I was trying to convince myself it was ok but I wasn’t feeling it, I wanted to be dazzled. I left my project for a few days to think on it. I knew I would have to redo it. A few days later I was contacted by Modern Masters to review some items from their line one of the options was the Metal Effects Kit. Did they know I had green Pepto Bismo on my hands? Were they coming to save me? They had me at Green Patina Aging Solution, really they did.

Everyone who knows me knows I go ga ga for paint and this is uber paint so I’m uber ga ga. Its a simple three part process: the primer which looks like liquid chocolate which is always good, the reactive paint in cooper or bronze. The paint in metallic, what I love, especially in the bronze, is getting the sheen of metal. The paint is  called reactive paint because  it reacts with the final solution to create your beautiful patina. And then there is the  Patina Aging Solution which you can get in green and blue this solution is the magic. Before you spray it the paint just looks like lovely bronze and copper after you spray it a chemical reaction happen to produce the wonderful green patination.  They are also water based paints. I LOVE that, Yeah easy clean up!  Checkout  the Modern masters Website to oogle all the gorgeous combinations. They also have great metallic paints so great for stenciling one of my great loves. But let me focus.

It was a surprisingly easy process.

Modern Masters Metal Effects kit

Here is where I started with my neon green

So I grabbed my Neon green pieces and started to work. I applied two coats of the very chocolately looking primer. I just wanted to bite right into that Cherub. The instructions says the primer dries in about half an hour I found it dries almost immediately which was great. I was lucky enough to have both copper and the bronze reactive paint. I have to have my deep bronze color and my metallic cooper highlights. I dab on my bronze paint highlight with copper quickly as the paint has to be wet to react with the aging solution. I then and generously spritz with the Green Patina Aging Solution.

Then I watch the paint transform before my eyes soooo cool. Here come the patina gorgeous deep and green.  I noticed the cooper turns much greener than the bronze,  when it reacts with the solution creating a some really beautiful effects. So keep them in mind when chosing your color.

My neighbor

Modern Masters Metal Effects kit

Cherub with primer. Looks like a chocolate Cherub don’t you think

came wandering by so see what I was doing, as she does sometimes. She asked what material I was working with (its wood and plaster) because it looked like metal. Yes!!!! exactly what I was looking for. I have a gorgeous outcome.

I do have to say you have to be easy going about the process because the aging solution reacts in unique patterns. I all my pieces at the same time they have unique patinas, all beautiful.

I really couldn’t believe for the effect created that it was so easy and I barely used any paint.

I’m in love! if I wasn’t having dinner with a friend I would have keep painting.

If you need a little pizzazz in some project grab these project and give them a whirl. You can purchase them online from Modern Masters and pick them up at a local store.

odern Masters Painting Kit

odern Masters Painting Kit

Nothing is safe in my house I’ll keep painting more tutorials and updates to come.  I can’t wait to try on my mason jars you know I will. Make sure you subscribe so you wont miss any of this fun stuff.

Would you like to have some fabulous paint yourself? Hint, hint I have a give away coming up stay tuned. Until next time …Melissa

Modern Masters Metal Effects kit

The Chrub transformed and looking just like he should, like an Antique weathered treasure

Modern Masters Metal Effects kit

The Beauty is in the details

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