Caribbean Decor or Caribbean Style Help me decide

When I opened my online shop over a year ago I had to write a little bio on myself. the first thing I wrote was that I was born in the Caribbean. After I wrote that I thought now what does that have to do with my home decor business? I didn’t seem very relevant at the time but I left it right there as the first sentence. As my

shop evolved with Turquoises, slivers, whites and blues it became very obvious that my Caribbean roots was the main inspiration behind my evolving style.

So with the Caribbean Turquoise  taking over in  my shop it’s time to rebrand the store, change the name and admit the obvious. But now I have to choose a name. I have narrowed it down to “Melissa’s Caribbean Style” or “Melissa’s Caribbean Decor”.

When I went to bed it seemed all set, I had settled on “Melissa’s Caribbean Style”. I set up my Instagram account and I was perfectly content. When I woke up it didn’t seem so clear. I love Melissa’s Caribbean Style but the name itself doesn’t hint as to what I make. Yes, it is obvious I am doing something with a Caribbean flair but it could be anything from clothes to paintings of fish and everything in between.

My Small silver bird

My Small silver bird

“Melissa’s Caribbean Decor” indicates I am making items for the home. I keep going back and forth unable to decide between the two. So help me. Please write in the comments which you think is better. Thanks Melissa