For the love of Jars. Masons and everything else.

For the love of Jars. Masons and everything else.

Love jars. I am not sure where it started. I remember finding rocks on the beach with plants tenaciously growing out of

them. I took them home and nestled them in a precious jar full of water and table salt. Remarkably they lived and grew until my mother thew them out.

It probably started with my mother she always expertly  cleaned out every available container for future use. The kitchen cabinets were filled with butter, yogurt and magical jars. Did you mother’s cabinets look the same.

I followed suit. My favorites were the Classico spaghetti jars. I would collect them with no idea what to do with them.  Sometimes I would fill them with shells from the beach, or marbles. When I moved the  I had 9 empty jars that I got rid of.  I said to myself you can’t keep collecting jars like this, and I threw them out. And now most of my business comes from masons jars, That’s irony. I was just months away from  launching my mason jar obsession in my online shop.

I started tinting masons the soft blue of past jars. A blue that is lost to the past and only I seem to be making for sale. Check my tutorial here.

I was really shocked to find a whole online community semi obsessed with jars and  masons.

My neighbors had seen me painting jars in my back yard. When they moved  they offered me their cache of bottles, all from Europe. These jars and bottles were shapes and sizes I had never seen before, Woo! Be still my heart. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.

Another fantastic source of jars is my local Recycle center From Trash to Treasure in Fort Lauderdale.. I get so excited see what is there. I always head straight for The “jar” section. On one of my weekly visits to the center I saw the jar of all jars. The most beautiful jar I had ever seen: a Lovely very large jar with handles.  I knew it would make the most beautiful vase ever. It did and it was on it’s way to Australia days after I put it in my shop.

I just made some beach candle set out of the cutest mason jar candles. I can’t wait to make my own candles. I just ordered

those cute little quilted jars.

Next jars in my shop chalk painted masons in a color called freshwater,. American Flag and British Flag masons. Doesn’t this sounds fun. If you want to check out more of my jars take a peek in my shop. Until next time…Melissa


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