I forgot I was smart, sort of

I’m kidda a smart thing.

How I compare to Bones from the TV show that genius forensic Anthropologist.

Bones and me

Bones and me

But first…

I forgot I was smart, not really but almost.

I considered myself average when I grew up on the Caribbean island of Barbados. We had a very good, competitive educational system there. I competed endlessly to be the best student with my classmates. The coolest kids got the highest grades; we didn’t just leave that for the nerds. We all were nerds.

Me in my New York Glory

Me in my New York Glory

I was in the top 10% which was ok. I wanted to be in the top 3 percent as far as I was concerned top 10% was average. I moved to New York with my mother when I was 15. I was a sophomore in Catholic High School. I had covered all of the material being taught before and quickly went to number 1 in my class. To me it wasn’t a true victory, it wasn’t hard.  I was hated by the other kids; they threatened to beat me up. The prospect being of being beaten up was both terrifying and confusing to me. Why would they want to beat me up? When I told my mother she just yelled she was paying a lot of money for that school and she didn’t want to hear it.

I came up with my own solution. I applied and got into an early college program. My mother said no but I went into a fugue state. I screamed and melting down in front of a woman who I had never raised my voice to. I don’t remember exactly how it happened but she let me go to Simon’s Rock of Bard College  as it was then called, in Massachusetts . It is now known as Bard College at Simon’s Rock.

I was among smarty pants like myself competing to be the best. I was happy. I went through a few scary years when I didn’t have a high school diploma or a college degree. I was thrilled after two years to have my associate degree.  I had something to show as a technical high school dropout. I happily grabbed my BA two years later.

For the next 10 years I lived in New York City. I slacked slightly for a few years but it couldn’t be helped. I graduated in the middle of a recession. I landed at a Dot com on Wall Street during the dot com boom. I was never smarter my giant bonus said so.

I was laid off during the dot com bust with a giant severance package. I moved to Florida and suddenly my smarts were a problem. Over and over again I heard, “You have such have a big vocabulary.” What did I say?

Happy in Florida

Happy in Florida

It started to get on my nerves. This “You have such have a big vocabulary.” So I did something stupid, I changed the way that I spoke slightly so I wouldn’t have to hear that. It became second nature to me to speak differently.

Then started binge watching Bones on Netflix. For those of you who don’t know her she is a genius Forensic Anthropologist who helps the FBI solve murders.  She is impossibly smart, obnoxious, confident, unapologetic woman. I had never seen a character like her anywhere; I have never met a woman like her.
I remembered I was smart and I am old enough to not care about what people think about me. The big vocabulary is back.  Thanks for the obnoxious inspiration Bones!

My son and I

My son and I

My 8 year old son immediately thought Bones and I were similar which I was flattering but I didn’t see it. He has quite the large vocabulary himself. He loves words especially big words. He loves to learn what they mean and use them correctly. When he was 5 he would walk around tell everyone about his hypothesizes. The Big vocabulary has been passed down.

For fun I thought I would compare myself and Bones, head to head.

She is a genius I am a brainiac . I went to college two years early maybe she would have gone when she was 11.

We both think very quickly and are good at problem solving.

She thinks she is better at everything than everyone else. I don’t know about being better at everything but I tend to do many things well.

She is very bad with people, rude, abrasive, and insensitive. I am very good with people. I am very honest and can be very blunt but I try to be sensitive about other’s feelings.

She runs towards trouble I do also. That part of me is instinctual I think. When there is trouble some people freeze some run away and some run towards the trouble, not always a smart thing.  When I worked at a small bookstore in New York

at the gallery

at the gallery

City a guy came in, grabbed some books off the counter and was running out the door. I slammed him in the door and was fighting with him over the books. When I realized what I was doing. I let him go. The owner of the bookstore thought I was crazy I agreed with her.

Bones is a martial Artist and can effectively defend herself. My teenage years living in Brooklyn toughened me.  Hopefully that counts for something. I had a 6’4 neighbor that came to my door and tried to intimidate me with his size. He was upset because my cats were supposedly keeping him up night.  My cats were sleeping snugly next to me at night. Apparently his dogs were barking at night at something and he decided I owned all of the cats in the neighborhood. The fact that my cats weren’t out at night didn’t register with him he wanted someone to blame. He stepped closer to me and I stepped closer to him so we were inches away from each other. I don’t intimidate easily.

I had to think of something to tell him so he would leave me alone. I thought of something and he left me alone after that.

She is very confident, over confident even. I am too.


She doesn’t get a lot of jokes especially those referencing popular culture. For some reason I am very gullible when it comes to jokes. It’s embarrassing. I never see them coming. Like her I also don’t get a lot of popular culture references. I don’t watch a lot of TV and I limit my exposure to the media.


off to the gallery again

off to the gallery again

Like her I have a difficult family.  Her father is a criminal who abandoned her as a teenager. I was adopted by a wonderful woman.  However my mentally unbalanced birth mother appears periodically causing as much drama as she can.

What I like most about Bones is that even though she is a bit of a pain in the ass she tries to learn from her experiences. That is one of the best thing we can do, learn from this life we are living.
When people tell me I have a big vocabulary I will say yes I do, thank you.


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