Paint glass Shiny Tutorial

Silver Metallic Carafe

I like shiny things. I really like shiny things.  Now before I started painting I ignored my own advice. When painting glass, I say prime, prime, prime!!!! Primer is your friend your best friend! I like Kyrlon’s Colormaster primer but … Continue reading

Caribbean Decor or Caribbean Style Help me decide

When I opened my online shop over a year ago I had to write a little bio on myself. the first thing I wrote was that I was born in the Caribbean. After I wrote that I thought now what does that have to do with my home decor business? I didn’t seem very relevant at the time but I left it right there as the first sentence. As my

shop evolved with Turquoises, slivers, whites and blues it became very obvious that my Caribbean roots was the main inspiration behind my evolving style.

So with the Caribbean Turquoise  taking over in  my shop it’s time to rebrand the store, change the name and admit the obvious. But now I have to choose a name. I have narrowed it down to “Melissa’s Caribbean Style” or “Melissa’s Caribbean Decor”.

When I went to bed it seemed all set, I had settled on “Melissa’s Caribbean Style”. I set up my Instagram account and I was perfectly content. When I woke up it didn’t seem so clear. I love Melissa’s Caribbean Style but the name itself doesn’t hint as to what I make. Yes, it is obvious I am doing something with a Caribbean flair but it could be anything from clothes to paintings of fish and everything in between.

My Small silver bird

My Small silver bird

“Melissa’s Caribbean Decor” indicates I am making items for the home. I keep going back and forth unable to decide between the two. So help me. Please write in the comments which you think is better. Thanks Melissa

The Simplest Orchid Care ever from the Orchid Whisper

Melissa I. Aldana Art

The Simplest Orchid Care ever from the Orchid Whisper my 87 year old neighbor.

I call my  87 year old neighbor Ron  the orchid whisper. I am a little off my normal topic. I thought the story of this modest man would be fabulous for my local lifestyle magazine Pompano Today (check the fab city I live in). My friend at the magazine agreed. The only problem was that Ron didn’t agree. He didn’t want a story done on him.  Awww, I was disappointed. He would have made a great story and I thought his techniques should be shared. So it was up to me to share his simple steps.

He lives in a simple modest 1 bedroom apartment in front of his  home is a wonderland, about 9 gorgeous orchids. When they are all blooming their beauty will take your breath away. I was stunned when I first…

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Watercolor Painting Blue Bell Chicken study: the lovely Myrtle

Melissa I. Aldana Art

Watercolor Painting Blue Bell Chicken study.

Last year  I set eyes on a gorgeous chicken named myrtle. I came across her in a blog from The Garden Smallholder in a post called Chickens in the Garden, be sure to check that out. She was a blue bell chicken. I never heard of a blue bell chicken but I was in love. I knew I wanted to paint her.

I finally got around to painting her. I went through the same process I always do when I paint within the first few paint strokes I feel that the painting is pure rot and I should start over. I am used to that feeling and and I just ignore it and push ahead. The painting is fine but  don’t think it quiet does her justice. I will do some more studies. Somewhere in my storage are some watercolor pencils I think would…

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The Lost Photographs

Melissa I. Aldana Art

There was a time in my life when I always had a camera in my hand, for about 8 years.

That was the time of dark rooms, film and chemicals. I had my own enlarger to print my photographs in my tiny New York bathroom. I had my negatives and prints packed away as I moved from one place to the next I would come across them. Some of these aren’t bad I would think I need to get them in order and share them somehow. At the beginning that meant having them printed. Would I print them myself? For years I had everything I needed, the paper and all the supplies. If  I had them printed that would be an expensive undertaking and there was no guarantee they would be printed how I wanted. It seemed like such a big project. I keep putting the photographs away.

As the…

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Give Away: Modern Masters paint giveaway

Modern Masters Give Away

Well I sort of fell in love with the Modern Masters Metal Effects Kit. Would you like some? Good because Modern Masters is giving some away. In fact These amazing products have led me to create a whole new product … Continue reading